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It’s all about the being!

is everyone’s


Who we are

We're an organisation of Professionals, spanning in areas of Body Health, Mental and Physical wellbeing, Spirituality, and Development of the self.  Our Experienced and qualified Conscious Partners come from all walks of life, we come together on a collaborative journey to expand, grow, and contribute to each other and to humanity.

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Our Holistic approach embodies the being in its entirety, allowing space for integration and new practical tools and processes to be adopted in everyday life.  These processes encompass the key elements required for each individual, allowing each being to gravitate naturally and intuitively to what their needs are.

We have the view that through collective partnership and human beings supporting each other, we nurture growth in the most effective way.

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There is no ‘one-method’ that fits everyone, each person is unique and thus their process varies to the next- we facilitate a pathway to empower each person to create this for themselves and support them in their chosen pathway.

Who we are

How we contribute

We are here to contribute to everyone - creating a world and a future of connection and inclusion. Eradicating polarity regardless of sexuality, gender, culture or belief with No-one left behind… 
Our programs are designed holistically to integrate and develop each aspect of being human.


The program for conscious humans - anyone and everyone can participate in the program - Parents, Educators, Trainers, Students, Health & Wellbeing practitioners who value self/spiritual development, and need help integrating it into their everyday life without losing sight of what’s real and important and then creating that space for others.

What arises out of this program is clarity of self, new pathways to facilitate and implement new processes, allowing each person a new space to create a future for themselves and others consciously and with purpose.  Effectiveness in communication, Peace of mind.


Teenagers, 13-17 (Generally Problem teens of conscious families) who do not adopt, agree or fit within the mold of mainstream education.  

What arises out of this program is Creating a space of clarity, grounding and self awareness - confidence and a healthy view of developing themselves, mind body and spirit.  They will learn ways of communicating respectfully and with purpose.  Leading the way, creating a stand for humanity - their future.  Supporting teens in dealing with the rapid changes in their worlds and navigating through it.


Business owners, Human Resources professionals, high performing individuals who recognise that awareness is critical to being a high performing team/business.

The outcomes of this program is to facilitate and allow the adoption of mindfulness and conscious practices in the workplace.  Practical tools to reduce stress and unnecessary staff leave due to overload and conflict , increasing team engagement and productivity. Conscious conflict resolution in the workplace.

How we contribute

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Our process

• Conscious Personal Coaching

• Mindfulness training

• Goal setting

A snapshot of our process

• Facilitating leadership

Our process is based on a holistic approach involving Mind, Body and Spirit using various tools facilitated by professionals and qualified practioners which are:

• Communication strategies

• Sound healing

• Qi-gong

Body work

• Guided meditation

• Kineosology

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